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Reallusion iClone 7

Real-time 3D Animation Production
iClone's preset layouts are logically designed with Stage, Set, Actor, Animation, Media and Export sections so that you may easily allocate resources during story creation.

Appealing 3D Characters
These brand new, one-mesh G6 3D characters are designed for versatile body morphs and natural character animations; one outfit can conform to different body shapes.

Authentic 3D Motions
Easily preview and record face, and body motions with the unique puppeteering engine.

Modular Stage
iClone provides ready-to-use building block systems which users can use to easily construct unique cityscapes and/or interior spaces.

Camera & Light
In iClone 6, you can directly drag in a light prop to light up your scene, or quickly duplicate light sources.

Visual Effects
Real-time Surface Smoothing provides finer definition for low-polygon models without sacrificing system performance.

Dynamic Material
Create realistic visual appearances with multi-texture channels such as: Diffuse, Opacity, Bump, Specular, Glow, Reflection, Blend, and Displacement.

Physics Simulation
Soft Cloth is used for hanging, swaying, or twirling motions in your scene. You can use the gray map to determine which part of the cloth is controlled by cloth physics, and which part is let free or governed by skin-bone control.

Render & Output
Quickly switch between real-time render modes for optimal visual quality or faster editing performance.

Content Platform
Instantly use comprehensive, template-based embedded content for quick character and stage setup.

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Tekno Logika Utama's Promotion

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Tekno Logika Utama's Promotion

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