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Tekno Logika Utama is a company focused on helping education institutions to embrace and adopt technology. Our staff are made up of a group of young and passionate people. We have either been in the education sector (teacher, instructors) or been supporting the education sector for many years. Combined, we have about nearly 30 years of working for and supporting the education sector.
We have 3 main area of focus : Engineering Design, Media Design, e-Campus Infrastructure.


It is undisputable that technology has brought about many benefits to society and to individual companies. It has greatly increased efficiency and effectiveness. It has also enhanced communications between people; shrinking distance and the world into a Global Village.

But at the same time, technology can be daunting. Its rapid obsolescence and ever-growing complexity can make the adoption of technology an intimidating process.

We believe we can help institutions to make technology adoption a more successful and less-painful affair.


  • Human Resource Development
  • Incorporation into curriculum
  • Identigication of real needs
  • Proper infrastructure setup & commisioning
  • Develop internal community
  • Develop external eco-system
  • Technology & Skills Update

There are 3 critical steps to a successful implementation of technology adoption.
They are :

  1. Infrastructure Development
  2. Human Resource Development
  3. Continual Development

Infrastructure Development

All Infrastructure Development starts with the initial and important component of "Identification of real needs". After that, the needs will be translated to technical requirements, and followed by the setting up of the infrastructure.

To that end, we have technical consultants, domain experts and engineers to help identify your requirements and implement the appropriate solutions.

Human Resource Development

Many technology implementation projects failed because there have been little focus on development of the human-resource components (instructors, users, support staff). We feel that it is imperative to put an equal emphasis on the human-resource development aspect as the infrastructure development. On our side, we have certified trainers, domain-experts and authorised training centre to help develop the skillsets and the capabilities of our customers and clients.

Continual Development

As technology evolves rapidly, it is important to remain up-to-date. While this can be both time-consuming and budget-consuming, the cost of not doing so, might be even higher. Continual development can come in several forms - upgrading infrastructure (or implementing a new one), re-tooling and re-skilling the users and the staff.


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Tekno Logika Utama's Promotion

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Tekno Logika Utama's Promotion

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